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Begin to Transform Your Life

In 21 Days

The 21-Day Challenge That Helps You Create The Habit Of

 Mental Freedom, Personal Growth and Success In Your Life

What is the 21-Day Mindset Growth Challenge?

Self-study program for your busy schedule

Receive one video per day on personal growth

21 total days of mindset growth

You'll start your day off in the right mindset

Short videos that create a long lasting impact

It takes 21 days to form a new habit.

It is free.

Access to a full library of trainings & resources

Hear From People Just Like You

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Hey! I'm Michael Fox!

I’m the guy you come to if you want to transform your self confidence, be happy and have more success.


I can help you clarify your purpose, create better habits, boost confidence, overcome fear, and live your dream lifestyle.


I’ve helped hundreds of individuals achieve a life of mental freedom, improved confidence and success.


What’s even better, we did that without:


The “hustle & grind” culture

The “get rich quick” gimmicks, and 

Crazy mindset strategies


Just simple yet powerful techniques that work.


The 21 Day Challenge is the perfect starting point for mindset growth. 

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