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It’s an Inside Job

“Imagine a patient who goes to a doctor and tells him what he is suffering from. The doctor says, ‘Very well, I’ve understood your symptoms. Do you know what I will do? I will prescribe a medicine for your neighbor!’ The patient replies, ‘Thank you very much, Doctor, that makes me feel much better.’ Isn’t that absurd? But that’s what we all do. The person who is asleep always thinks he’ll feel better if somebody else changes. You’re suffering because you are asleep, but you’re thinking, ‘How wonderful life would be if somebody else would change; how wonderful life would be if my neighbor changed, my wife changed, my boss changed.’”

Excerpt From

The Greatest Secret

Rhonda Byrne

Michael Fox

What do you think about consistently? What could you think about consistently that might support you in feeling better and getting better results?


One day a costume designer described to me her difficulties in working with a prominent theatrical producer.

She was convinced that he unjustly criticized and rejected her best work and that often he was deliberately rude and unfair to her. Upon hearing her story,

I explained that if she found the other rude and unfair, it was a sure sign that she, herself, was wanting and that it was not the producer, but herself that was in need of a new attitude.

Michael Fox
Georg Simon


Michael Fox
Georg Simon


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