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I Sent this to my accountability group and thought it was worth sharing with you:

I just wanted to share a quick win. John, in our accountability group last week, said, “we need to hold a mirror up to ourselves when giving advice to others.” Meaning, whatever we tell others to do, we need to be doing ourselves.

I thought to myself, what is the biggest piece of advice I give my clients? It is to figure out the one or two most important actions needed to take to achieve their goal and then focus on only doing those actions.

My actions are take my goal achieving actions, most importantly targeted reachouts to others based on referrals.

If I don’t do this I am out of business. However, in the past it was the one thing I avoided the most as it was uncomfortable, outside my comfort zone.

The only way my business changes is if I take those one or two targeted actions. Any thing else I convince myself I need to do, is just a distraction from feeling discomfort.

I need to feel the discomfort and do it anyway. It’s in the doing and only in the doing, which will make it easier to do and expand the comfort zone.

So thanks to John and everyone else for giving me a space to share this.

Michael Fox
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