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A Message from my father for me, however, read it as it was written for you. It was written for you!

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

If you ever wonder where I was able to come up with some of the things I share, some of the insights and wisdom, my father, Stephen G. Fox demonstrates where it was originally born.

He shared the following in a book that he is writing for the family. It is a keepsake for us, the family, our children's children, etc.

I ask that you not read this as it is about me, rather read it as if it was a message for you. My question for you is, what is the message that is here for you?

Here is what he shared in the book:

Michael Allen Fox is my favorite third born son. As a child, he always spoke about being a teacher.

Unfortunately, the financial rewards temporarily dissuaded him from fulfilling this ambition. But of course, life smiles at our thoughts and takes us exactly where we need to be.

After college, he tried law school, but that was not for him. He worked in the IT department for a large law firm. He was a good worker and was focused on being of service.

He was well liked and enjoyed helping the lawyers with their technical problems. Despite his excellent service and the reputation of being a caring employee, he was laid off with others when the law firm decided to save money.

He then became a successful financial advisor. His success was due to his belief that all of his clients were to be treated as though they were his family. All of his recommendations were based on what he knew was in the best interests of his client.

If the client wanted to take an unrealistic risk, he would refuse the business. His fee never mattered, only what was in the best interest of his client.

He could have been a financial advisor until retirement, but life then took him to a place where he could fulfill his destiny. He discovered a teacher, studied for several years, practiced what he had learned and then moved on to be a teacher.

He is now what he wanted to be as a child, a teacher. He works as a highly successful life coach.

His purpose is to serve his clients and leave them in a much better place than he found them.

He teaches about giving to others without forgetting to give to yourself.

He teaches that breaking free from negative thinking is the first step to a better life. He has found a deep peace within and uses that to guide him with his students.

His loving is palpable when he speaks with you, and his methods and teachings are an inspiration to all. His sole purpose is to serve.

My son, Michael, serves “selflessly”.

As an aside, Michael says in his Day 4 - 365 Day Mindset and Gratitude Challenge: “It took me a long time to learn this lesson. I knew what I loved, but ignored my calling.

I believe that no one can ignore their calling. Life will take each of us where we must go but not on our time schedule. We will arrive at our destination, when we are ready.


That is what he shared. I want to say two final things.

First, I love you Pop and appreciate you more than you can ever imagine. You are absolutely incredible. Period.

Second, pretending this was written for you, which if you are reading it, there is no accident as everything happens for a reason and purpose, what is your takeaway?


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15 mar 2023

My take away? Follow your passion. ❤️

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16 mar 2023
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It’s my passion, it’s automatic ❤️

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