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I realized my mind is just like Google!

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

The other day I had a question come up. I needed to understand how to do something in my business.

So what did I do? I thought let me Google that.

I opened up Google and typed in my question and guess what came up? All of the answers and links to the answers. So I clicked on the link and my answer was right in front of me.

How did Google give me the answer? It searches a huge database figuring out the closest answer to the question asked and just like that, it serves up the answer.

Here is where it gets good. Inside of our mind, we have our own Google database.

It a huge storage unit inside the deep levels of our mind that has recorded every single event that has occurred since we were born until today.

So if you were scolded by a teacher, it was recorded. If you were in a great relationship and had your first kiss, it was recorded. When you broke up, it was recorded.

Every single event that has ever happened in our life is stored inside our own Google database, right inside our subconscious mind. So every good, bad or neutral moment in our lives is stored right inside our mind.

I remember when I was struggling after getting out of a relationship. I felt really down and certainly like I was not good enough. I felt insecure and a low level of confidence. At the time, I could never have told you why I felt this way, other than, "she made me feel that way."

Whenever I blame something on someone else it is only to avoid these internal negative feelings I have on the inside.

For me to take responsibility, meant I had to look at myself in the mirror.

For me, it was easier to blame someone else and avoid the root cause, my own beliefs stored in my Internal Google database.

So, back to Google and why I bring it up. When I am having thoughts, they are really questions. For example, after the relationship a common thought was, why does this always happen to me?

My Google within would go to work. It was search my database of all life events within and it would deliver up all the reasons from my past that matched this search.

In one search result it gave me a time that I was unsuccessful in another relationship. Then another search result was me feeling lonely sitting in the back of my parents house after another relationship had ended.

My internal Google was doing a great job. I asked the question and it gave me all the supporting answers from my life's database of recordings.

I never was aware that was happening. Most of my thoughts or questions to Google would happen automatically on autopilot without me being aware. My Google did it's job and gave answers based on my search.

It dawned on my, what would happen if instead of asking my Internal Google, negative questions like why does this always happen? Instead, what if I just changed the input and question?

I gave it a try and asked, why am I confident? Guess what happened? Internal Google went to work searching all life events and delivered up some beautiful past events.

I was reminded of the time that I walked on a 14 foot bed of 2000 degree hot coals. Another answer from the search reminded me of starting a fraternity back in college and being told it never would succeed, only to be totally accepted on campus just 4 years later. I felt totally proud!

I started to really think about this. Did this mean that I am in control of what shows up in my mind on a daily basis? Is it possible that when my mind is left to run on autopilot it might just be asking the wrong questions to my Internal Google?

I had stumbled on something really magnificent. I was figuring out how my mind operates. Until I understood how it works, how could I ever feel better?

Once I realized how my Internal Google worked, I COULD CHOOSE TO ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS.

When I did that, it would GIVE ME THE ANSWERS I REALLY WANTED.

Why? Because that is how the Internal Google of our mind works. So now, what I do when I am feeling sad, feeling angry or any other negative emotion. I just become AWARE, first how I am feeling and then look at what questions have I been asking my Internal Google.

Every single time I do this, it never fails. I realize that I have been feeding it the wrong thoughts or questions. So I just begin to ask my Internal Google a new question that I want to get an answer to!

Could it be that simple. YES.

Does it take practice to become aware and then ask a new BETTER question. YES.

Most people walk around UNAWARE of why they are getting images and stories from the past that make them feel down and sad. NOW YOU ARE AWARE OF WHAT IS HAPPENING.

So what will you do the next time you are feeling a negative emotion. GO TO YOUR GOOGLE AND ASK IT A QUESTION THAT WILL GIVE YOU A GOOD ANSWER.

I will end it with this. If you were using Google on your computer to find out how to bake a cake, would you ask it how to fix the sink? Of course not. Why? Because it will give you answers about fixing the sink when you really want to bake a cake.

Isn't that exactly what we are doing in our mind. We are just asking the wrong question! It is time to search in a way that will give us the results that we want in our life.

You have this power within, your internal Google, now it is time to put it to use. When you want to bake a cake, don't search for how to ruin a cake. Both searches will give you the answer and any INTERNAL SEARCH, whether it is why am I confident or why am I not good enough, will give you the answer.

NOW YOU ARE AWARE AND YOU CHOOSE WHAT TO SEARCH FOR DAILY! Your choice will make all the difference in the world.


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