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My Thoughts About Money Will Be My Experience and Reality. I Thought That Was BS!

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Growing up in my house, I had two really incredible parents that certainly loved me with all of their hearts. They never did anything to intentionally harm me, however I witnessed and saw things with stuck with me since I was just a little child, and began creating internal beliefs and programming, especially when it came to money.

I never really saw my parents fighting, if they did, it wasn’t around us. The one thing I did see often was tension around money.

What do I mean? Well there would be times where we had and spent lot’s of money. Well, at least it felt that way to me just being a kid. I remember getting a pool installed in the back yard. I remember many other things like this as well. So I did experience abundance.

However, my father owned his own business and now owning my own business, I get it, there are times where money flows in quickly and other times it can be tight. (This is a belief or programming, which I will talk about shortly.)

So, I also remember a time where my parents sat us down and talked about potentially having to move out of our house as at that time there were issues with money.

This can be part of life and many of experience all kinds of things like this and of course much worse.

Why am I bringing it up?

I learned that money can be good, BUT it also can bring a whole lot of pain, upset and tension. How did I learn this? Well what did I know, I was just a kid and these were my parents, the most trustworthy and credible people in my life, so what they experienced consistently, I ASSUMED was reality.

In this assumption, came a program that was installed in me, just like a computer is programmed, and that program or belief would control how I saw and experience money for many, many years.

In my life, I would have a big check come in or a big commission and guess what I did? I spent it quickly, putting myself back into tension, fear and many times lack about money.

This happened over and over again and I could never understand why. I always promised myself that wouldn’t happen, however it happened over and over.

Then I learned an incredible lesson which really made a big change in my life. I learned that when I was younger, when you were younger, when we all were younger, and interesting thing happens.

Whatever we hear or see is immediately accepted by our mind as the truth. So, I had seen over an over again, my parents struggling and feeling tension around money, and my mind accepted that as the TRUTH around money, even though it was completely false.

I never questioned that old belief about money. I just assumed that it was true.

Guess what? It was completely false.

Almost all the negative beliefs and programming I have inside of me, installed by my family, friends, relatives, teachers and other people in my life, became my reality.

Why? Because that is how the mind works. IT WAS NOT MY FAULT. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

I learned about Math and Science in school, but why did I never learn about these beliefs and programs I have inside that actually end up controlling all of my results???

The problem is most of us, including me at the time, are in the game of life. Nobody gave us the rules, well, very few learn the rules and are controlled by the programming their entire lives.

Don’t believe me? Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough? Have you ever felt like you are not smart enough? Have you ever felt like you were an imposter?

These are the common feelings I felt, along with all of my clients as well as anyone I have conversations with.

So if you feel you are alone, you are not alone. You just weren’t taught the rules of the game.

Once I learned that this was happening to me, I said enough! I really said enough! I was tired of living in a way that I knew was not supportive of who I knew I was. I knew what I should be doing, but wasn’t doing it.

It was all due to this programming! I was ready to reprogram my mind, my computer so that it no longer kept doing the same things over and over again.

I did just that and continue to do it as well as teaching others how to do the same.

Here is the key. The first thing you need to understand is what is actually happening. You have to become aware that when you first came here as a child, you were actually perfect. You never thought, I am not good enough, or money causes tension and fear, or any of the other non-sense.

Guess who it got installed?

You got it, through others. So in this blog please take away two things. First, until you actually understand what is going on and how the. rules work, it is absolutely not your fault.

Second, the programs can be reprogrammed. You can go out there and figure it all out yourself or I will happily assist you. Just know the way exists and your mind functions this way.

So, I realized my parent did what they learned from their parents. They saw and heard their parents speak and act a certain way about money or any other topic. They listened to their parents and assumed it all to be true.

Most of it is only true if you accept it to be true. Most of it is false. Above, where I pointed out money flows in sometimes and at other times is lacking, that is only true if you believe it is true.

Our thoughts will create our feelings, our feelings will control our actions and our actions will control our results. If we want to change any result the starting point is our thoughts.

When you wonder next time why you think certain thoughts all the time, especially thoughts which are lacking and negative, it all came from programs that were installed.

It’s time to uninstall the BS, belief systems or programming, and reprogram what we want in our life. You are now aware of what’s happening which is the first step! No longer accept the BS that loves to control us!


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