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Why is the law of vibration, a universal law so much more important than the law of attraction when

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Imagine that there are 3 seconds left in the game and Michael Jordan is about to get the ball. The pass comes in, he get’s it, and….

Hold on one second, before he actually gets the pass and takes the shot, he is feeling really bad. He just had a really bad argument with his wife and that is all he keeps thinking about and it is dragging him down.

He feels frustrated, angry and upset. Now, the ball comes in to him, he gets ready to shoot, what do you think the chances are that he makes the basket?

I am guessing you probably answered pretty low chances of making the shot.

Why??? Well that brings me to another story.

I remember being in Law School, in a class filled with 300 plus people. I had prepared all work EXCEPT for one case. I figured, what would be the chances of the Professor calling on me for that one case.

When I left for class, I was feeling worried and agitated. I was thinking over and over again, what would happen if he calls on me and I am not ready. This professor was known for not being the nicest person, at least in the classroom.

MY FEELINGS BEGAN TO INTENSIFY. I felt worried, fearful and anxious.

Then class began, the entire time I was feeling the same feelings, thinking and actually picturing what it would be like if he called on me.


Of course, he called on me. The next 20 minutes were probably the most embarrassing of my life. He harassed me to a point, that I am pretty sure I could have filed a harassment claim with the police department.

I walked out of that class totally dejected, feeling awful and my worst nightmare at the time came true.

In both stories, guess what the one thing that was in common. We were both FEELING very NEGATIVE feelings.

The law of attraction says, what we ask for, if we believe it, we will receive it. They actually leave out a very important piece which is we must take action toward what we want from a place of BELIEF.

That’s not what this article is about though. Here we are focused on the Law of Vibration, which is primary law. It says every single thing vibrates. While we can’t see it with our eyes in other object, when we have a strong enough microscope, we can see the movement and vibration at a atomic and subatomic level.

We all walk around vibrating and our cells or atomic/subatomic particles all vibrate at different vibrations when we feel good feelings vs when we feel bad feelings.

Why in the world is that even important?

I once had a friend that would always get sick. He would get three or four colds/flus per year.

I listened to him say the following to me. “I always get sick at least 3 to 4 times a year. That is the way my body works.” He said it with certainty and FELT TOTALLY CONFIDENT THAT WOULD CONTINUE TO HAPPEN.

Do you know what another word for vibration is? Feeling. Why is that important?

If I get on a sales call with a client, you can easily predict my outcome based on how I feel. If I am feeling bad, the prospect will pick that up and certainly not move forward. If I am feeling good and vibrating in a positive energy, I have a much greater likelihood of success.

If we want to feel more confidence in our life, we must FEEL certain feelings. We must vibrate at a certain energy level.

If we look at someone in our life that is totally confidence, what feelings to they exude when we are around them?

They are sure of themselves, they are positive, they obviously are vibrating at a completely different ENERGY level of someone that is feeling weak and insecure.

So here is a secret. You don’t have to FEEL CONFIDENT. However, what can you do consistently to feel good? If you feel good consistently that will begin a vibration of energy that gets you on the LEVEL or FEELING needed to attract and feel more confidence in your life.

How do you feel good now? What could you do right now to feel really good?

Perhaps you can go for a walk? Perhaps you can take out a piece of paper and write all the things you are grateful for? Perhaps you can turn on music and dance.

If we did that before any situation needing us to have more confidence, can we agree that would be a really good first step.

So imagine if Michael Jordan was feeling great and got the pass, how do you think that shot may fall?

Imagine if I was feeling really good when I went in to the class. Perhaps I would not have attracted back to me everything I was FEELING. Imagine if my friend didn’t feel certain that every year he would get sick 3 to 4 times.

While the law of attraction is an absolute universal law, the primary law is the law of vibration. How we feel creates a certain vibration level in our body.

So finally, if we have a goal of doing really well in a public speaking event. Before we even show up, wouldn’t it be important for us to FEEL really good so our performance has a much better shot of success. (Clearly preparation is a key as well. However you can be totally prepared, feel like crap, and have an absolutely lousy performance.)

So confidence comes from first, vibrating in a positive FEELING. We can get that FEELING by doing things that make us feel really good. Watch a hysterical YouTube video, then go back to preparing for the speech.

Our vibration will absolutely dictate our end results. How do I know, from experiencing it over and over with myself and clients.

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