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Two questions you must answer to achieve your goals with confidence.

I remember making a decision to run a 1/2 marathon. Never had I run before in my life and then suddenly, I am committed to running an incredibly long race.

At first, I was so excited. The thought of finishing the race, holding my wife’s hand as we crossed the finish line together, got me very excited. I was picturing all the people at the finish line and feeling amazing as they watched me end the race.

Then, just as quickly, a feeling of worry, doubt and fear began to take over. My initial positive thoughts and pictures, quickly turned into anxiety of how in the world I was going to do this, when I struggle and am out of breath after running for 2 minutes.

There were two questions that I had to quickly answer when facing this challenge at hand. They I ask each time I take on a new goal or challenge.

As a side note, in the past, I would always set goals or make commitments however, I would never actually complete them. It was only through a ton of work on myself, that I began to be able to break through and complete my goals and challenges.

So if you are reading this and feeling like you aren’t good enough, no worries, I was in the same position and always walked around feeling like I wasn’t good enough.

Now, back to the questions I learned to ask when taking on a challenge.

The first is, am I able to complete this goal?

Well, I have two working feet and no physical ailments holding me back from being able to complete the challenge. So the answer to that question is yes.

Here is the question that is truly responsible for completing any challenge. It must be answered in the affirmative or it will be impossible to complete the goal.

Any guesses?

No worries, I will tell you. The question is, am I willing? Am I willing to do what it takes to complete the challenge?

In order for me to be willing to do it, I had a training schedule that would need to be followed daily. Am I willing to follow that schedule?

I had to figure out a way to fit the training into my already busy schedule. Am I willing to do that?

I had to figure out how to keep my mindset positive so I wouldn’t give up and quit. Am I willing to do that?

That one question is responsible for whether or not the race would be completed. Was I willing to do what it takes to complete the challenge.

I must be able to answer yes to those questions, otherwise there is no change to complete the goal.

So what challenge or goal have you set for yourself? How amazing would it feel to complete it? Here is a question for you. Are you willing to do what it takes?

With 100% certainty you can do absolutely anything you set your mind to, however, will you do it?

It was race day. The big day was finally here. I had done the training, I had figured out how to build it into my schedule, I had setup the appropriate positive mindset. My last question would be, am I willing to do whatever it takes to complete the race.

I was absolutely put to the test. About, 9 miles into the 13 mile race, my calves started to cramp. They cramped so bad that you could see the muscles ball up each time I took a step.

In all the training I did, never did I cramp up. Why was it happening now???

I had to answer a big questions. WAS I WILLING to push through the pain and do what it takes to finish the race.

While every step was painful for the next 4 miles, I decided, I am either going to collapse, and even if I do, I will crawl across the finish line.

I pushed and pushed, with lots of pain, but guess what, I answered YES to WAS I WILLING.

You will be put to the challenge many times in your life. You will have opportunities to complete that big goal you always wanted to complete.

Here is the question for you. ARE YOU WILLING TO DO WHAT IT TAKES?

The Philly Half Marathon Finish Line. We did it!

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