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An epiphany occurred when talking to my wife, clarity, increases confidence significantly.

I was in bed reading a book that I absolutely love, called Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard. In that book one of the things it talks about is being able to use your imagination to be able to make your future dream a present fact.

I won’t go into the details of how that all works. That alone could take about 50 blog entries. However, let’s get to the main point.

As I was reading about imagination and being able to clearly see what you want, I did what so many others do. I thought, man, my imagination really needs improvement. I wonder if I can LEARN FROM SOMEONE ELSE, how to improve my imagination.

So, I say to my wife Yvette, I wonder if their is an app out there or another one of my mindset coaching friends that knows more about the use of imagination.

Immediately I reach out to my friend and text him asking if he knows of any apps that might assist me in developing my imagination.

He sends me a text back with an app and says this app is terrific in doing just that.

So I tell my wife, look he already responded with an app.

Then a beautiful thing happened which is the entire point of this blog. Yvette and I started talking.

I said to her, ” I wonder how I can really get an image of my big goal? I know what I want, but for some reason I can’t see it clearly.”

It was at that moment I clearly saw the problem. When I said that for some reason I can’t clearly see it became abundantly clear that imagination was not my problem. The problem was my clarity on what it means to be the best intuitive mindset coach in the world.

What do I mean by this? Well, I can easily imagine buying a new car. All I have to do is figure out in my mind what car do I want, what color it is, what the interior looks like, what the rims look like and guess what I have? I have a clear picture.

So here I am setting a goal and my picture isn’t clear. I don’t have all the details of what that would look like defined. So guess what I did? I took out a paper and defined clearly what my goal actually looked like. I was clear and used a lot of detail.

Guess what happened next? I read it and as I was reading it was able to see a clear picture of what I wanted. Then I closed my eye and my imagination was actually perfect.

It isn’t our imagination that is deficient. It is our details of our goal, of our wants that are deficient.

So how does this all tie into confidence? My confidence was low when it came to thinking about my ability to imagine. The only thing I needed to do to increase my confidence in my ability, was to be able to clearly see what it was that I wanted.

I needed to create a clear picture by writing out in detail what it would look like.

So, if you know you want a great relationship, but then try to visualize having that great relationship and struggle, what can you do to get more confidence? Take out a piece of paper and write out clearly what you want in your relationship.

Do you want someone that is caring, loving, kind? Are they generous? How would they treat kids? How would they treat your family? Get super clear.

When you have that clear imagine, when you visualize that image, it puts out to the Universe clarity! The universe can only deliver what you are abundantly clear on.

My bet is that most people while they say they know what they want, really don’t have a clear picture and ultimately don’t get what they want, because of this lack of clarity.

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