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When I started my coaching journey, I was put into a group to help build my business. Brian was the leader of this small group and mentor at that time.

He spent years teaching and helping others.

He spent years helping them look within to see their perfection and love. His goal was to make a difference in other's lives and help them


Yesterday, I found out Brain took his own life. His daughter Madison, chose to be honest and tell the truth in her post below so that it could shed light on this situation and potentially help others.

One of my best friends, a few years ago, took his own life. I had tried to help him every day for over a year. He went to facilities, he took medication, and he tried so many psychiatrists/therapists, all to no avail.

The one thing I learned through being a part of his process is he had an illness. It was no different than getting the flu. To heal the flu, you must go to the doctor, get medicine, take care of yourself, rest etc.

His illness was no different. It was an illness that needed specialized treatment. While his family and friends were trying to help every day, it wasn't something we could fix. It was an illness that needed to be treated.

I remember him saying to me, "Mike, if this treatment doesn't work, I am done." He felt trapped in his own body with no idea how to help himself.

I knew that my friend was going to take his life. I could sense and feel it was coming. I told his family. We were doing everything we could. I could have flown down to where he lived and got him into another facility. I wish I would have attempted that. Ultimately, it was too much for him to take.

In his note to close family and friends, he made it abundantly clear that it had nothing to do with any of us. No matter what we would have tried he felt it wouldn't have helped him.

When someone thinks and feels that way, it is an awful way to live life. That person needs help at the highest levels.

I share this with you not to hear you say, "I am sorry for your loss." I say these words so that if you know someone that you feel could be struggling with mental illness, don't wait. Get him or her the help they need immediately.

I must use these two deaths and all others as a constant reminder that people are struggling and need us to step in and help.

Here is my message to you and anyone that might be struggling. I love you all and am so grateful to have each of you in my life. You all matter!!

My cover photo says, REMINDER, I love you all. It is true. I love you all. I am here for you if you ever need me.

You are needed. You are loved. You are important. You matter and make a difference in this world.

I suggest reading Brian's daughter's beautiful raw message:

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