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When I played little league baseball, I would step up to the plate and say, "I hope I don't strike out." I struck out almost every time.

In a relationship that didn't work, I would think about why isn't this working. All that would show up is more reasons and support on why it won't work.

When I was younger I was very thin. I would always be thinking, I hope people don't think I'm too skinny. Then, they would always say, you are so skinny.

Until I learned to shift my thinking everything remained the same.

These pretty amazing people above in the picture knew a secret about how our thinking creates our reality.

Perhaps today, you can think about one way you can shift that negative thinking or thoughts to instead what you want as if you already have it in your life. With your imagination, you can create anything, including your reality.

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Mar 06

one of the fundamental things about the effects that our thinking has on our lives:

our subconscious does not pay attention to negations like "not" or "don't" or "no" etc.

e.g. when we think "I have no fear..." the subconscious only registers the word "fear..."

so that instead of thinking like for example, "I'm not afraid..." or "I don't worry..." we need to think like for example "I have faith and courage..." or " I am confident..." etc.

Because very much unlike with Mathematics (where minus a times minus b = a positive result) for our subconscious to receive a positive message we must only use positive words for it...



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