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Most people I speak, when asked what they want, do not have an answer. Maybe they have the beginning of an answer, but not with details.

It's interesting. If you go to a sandwich shop, what would happen if you walked in and said, "I will have a sandwich. They would look at you like your nuts. Why? Because they have 20 sandwiches on the menu.

You would have to tell them, "I would like a turkey sandwich on rye bread with avocado, tomato and onions. Then the person taking your order would know exactly what to get you.

The same is true of what we want in our life. We can say I want happiness or I want a new job or I want a new relationship. The server, the universe, has no idea what to give you.

Watch this quick video and tell me what you need to do to get more clarity about what you want?

Jeffrey Lawyer


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