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Belief & Faith: The Fuel for Riches in "Think and Grow Rich"

Napoleon Hill places belief and faith at the core of achieving riches in his classic book. It's not just about wishing for wealth; it's about unwavering conviction that you will get it. Hill calls this the "alchemy of faith," transforming desires into reality.

Here's the gist:

  • Faith is the "head chemist" of your mind. It blends with your thoughts and transmits them to your subconscious,which then works towards your goals.

  • Develop faith through repetition and visualization. See yourself achieving your desires vividly, and affirm your belief in attaining them. This programs your mind for success.

  • Faith is the bridge to "infinite intelligence." Hill suggests a universal power exists, and unwavering faith allows you to tap into it. (This concept might resonate more with some readers than others).

Remember: Belief and faith are powerful tools, but "Think and Grow Rich" emphasizes ACTION alongside them. You need a plan, hard work, and persistence to turn your burning desire into riches.

So, believe in yourself, have faith and take ACTION!

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Jun 16

what a great read.



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