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I read this today and wanted to share with you. It is very high level thinking, but reading it begins to plant seed on how we can be happy consistently in our life, NO MATTER WHAT.

Here is what I read, comment below what it means to you and how you can use it in your life?


"Do you want to be happy, or do you NOT want to be happy?

Once you make that choice, your path through life becomes totally clear.

Do you want to be happy?

Do you want to be happy from this point forward for the rest of your life, regardless of what happens.

If you want to walk the highest spiritual path, then when you answer yes to this simple question, you must really mean it.

Unconditional happiness is the highest technique there is.

Choose to be happy. And you have to mean it regardless of what happens. This is truly a spiritual path, and it is as direct and sure a path to Awakening as could possibly exist.

The real question is whether you want to be happy regardless of what happens.

Events don't determine whether or not you are going to be happy. They are just events. You determine whether or not you are going to be happy.

You can be happy just to be alive. You can be happy having all these things happen to you and then be happy to die.

If you can live this way, your heart will be so open and your Spirit will be so free, that you will soar up to the heavens .

If you want to be happy, you have to let go of the part of you that wants to create melodrama. This is the part that thinks there’s a reason not to be happy. You have to transcend the personal, and as you do, you will naturally awaken to the higher aspects of your being.

If you have to be here at least be happy and enjoy the experience.

Committing yourself to unconditional happiness will teach you every single thing there is to learn about yourself, about others, and about the nature of life.

Every time a part of you begins to get unhappy, let it go.

No matter what happens, you can choose to enjoy the experience.

No matter what happens, just enjoy the life that comes to you.

Make that your game, and just stay happy no matter what.

The key to staying happy is really very simple. Begin by understanding your inner energies. If you look inside, you will see that when you’re happy, your heart feels open and the energy rushes up inside of you.

When you aren’t happy, your heart feels closed and no energy comes up inside. So to stay happy, just don’t close your heart.

No matter what happens, even if your wife leaves you or your husband dies, you don’t close.

You don’t want your happiness to be conditional upon the behavior of other people. It’s bad enough that your happiness is conditional upon your own behavior.

When you start making it conditional upon other people’s behavior, you’re in serious trouble.

Things are going to happen to you, and you’re going to feel the tendency to close. But you have the choice to either go with it or let it go.

Instead of complaining [just have] fun with the different situations that unfold.

Unconditional happiness is a very high path and a very high technique because it solves everything.

The technique of unconditional happiness is ideal because what you’re doing with the rest of your life is already defined—you’re letting go of yourself so that you can remain happy."

Jeffrey Lawyer


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