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Recently I came across a list of 15 ways to help us have more joy and success in our everyday lives, and I felt inspired to adapt and expand them in my own way

  1. Meditate every day in a way that works for you, there are many different ways to meditate.

  2. Trust and see the opportunities, the valuable lessons and the higher purpose in every situation and experience of the present and the past, a.k.a. the power of positive thinking.

  3. Reduce stress by changing your attitude and strategies towards situations that otherwise trigger stress.

  4. Spend time in nature, if possible every day.

  5. Learn to say - no - whenever something does not fit in with your values and priorities and who you really are.

  6. Give yourself enough time for good quality sleep.

  7. Live in the here and now, the now is all you ever have. All the freedom for progress and fullfillment only exists in the now, and progress only happens via the now.

  8. Do things that you truly love to do, and learn to find enjoyable, playful ways of doing the things that truly need to be done. That way all truly necessary activities can be experienced as a meditative way of playing (like also children can be motivated to do necessary tasks).

  9. Spend your time mostly with who and what is truly important to you.

  10. Do physical excercise, if possible also out in nature.

  11. Treat yourself lovingly, like someone you love and care for.

  12. Give more than you take.

  13. Take good care of your body, not out of fear but out of love for it.

  14. Cultivate the habit of – thankfulness - that will continuously make you more and more aware of all the good in your life and in your everyday life – including the hidden opportunities, the important lessons and the higher purpose in challenging situations and experiences of the present and the past, - because only through thankfulness for all the good that you already have you are ready to receive and achieve more good in your life, - It is no coincidence that the words „to thank“ and „to think“ stem from the same root, and so in a way, to be aware of all the good that you can be thankful for may well be the highest way of thinking...

  15. Work on your dreams and visions by practising - visionary realism -, setting concrete, achievable goals for your visions and dreams, and truly believe that you can reach and experience them. But always remember: the goals are not ends in themselves, - but: experiencing and enjoying the paths and the processes on the way to your goals is already a central part of the goals. And so in that way there is no separation between a path and the goal, - they are all one -, just like the purpose of going for a walk or hiking in nature is to experience and enjoy both the path and the goal. And along the way, enjoy finding out and experiencing more and more who you truly are.

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