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Imagine you're planting a seed. If you don't really think it'll grow into a cool plant, you might not water it as much, right? That's kind of how we work too.

When we don't BELIEVE we can succeed (even if we don't realize it!), we only put in half effort.

Half effort usually leads to so-so results, which just makes us feel even more unsure of ourselves. It's a bummer cycle!

The good news is, WE can break the cycle. Here's the secret: Belief, Potential. Action, Results.

  • Belief: How strong is your feeling that you can achieve something? The stronger the belief, the more potential you have to succeed.

  • Potential - How much potential do we have to accomplish something? This is all based on our belief.

  • Action: This is where you actually DO stuff to make your dream happen. More belief = more action you're willing to take.

  • Results: When you take action, you get stuff done! The more you do, the better the results you'll see.

These things work together. Stronger belief leads to a stronger potential. Stronger potential leads to more action, which leads to better results, which then makes your belief in yourself even stronger.

That's the SUCCESS cycle! The diagram is like a roadmap to help you on this journey. The more you believe you can do something, the more you'll be able to do it for real!

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