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When I was born my imagination was perfect. I could become a fireman, in my mind, I could fly, and I could create an entire scene of people that I was talking to, it was easy and effortless.

In this picture, someone told me I was not the Six Million Dollar Man. In my mind, when I had that mask on, I was. However, I started to hear a message, "that's not real, it's just your imagination, don't be silly."

My face shows my feelings about this new idea. Who was anyone to tell me I couldn't be the Six Million Dollar Man?

And so the programming began. Teachers told me to pay attention, stay focused, don't daydream. People at school told me my hair was funny looking. My teammates in little league said, your at bat sucked.

Wait, what was happening? I had no idea at the time, but I went from being this perfect being open to life and having fun, to becoming programmed and guarded in my interactions with others.

How amazing it would have been if someone taught me what was happening so I could better understand it.

Here is my message for you. You are absolutely amazing and can be, do or have ANYTHING you want. Period.

Jeffrey Lawyer


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