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My message to YOU:

YOU are perfect just the way you are.

It doesn’t matter what other people think. The only thing that matters is WHAT YOU think of YOURSELF. There is nobody out there to fill your cup with love. YOU fill your cup with love.

There is no external thing that will bring you long term happiness. YOU FIND THAT WITHIN. You are the magic. You are the beauty. You are the love. You are the kindness.

Over time you have forgotten this truth about yourself. It got buried in life’s events, people that judged you, and any of the negatives presented to you that took over your thoughts and mind.

The magic pill you have been searching for is right within yourself. There is no answer out there other than looking inside, tapping into your own heart and listening to the incredibleness that already exists right inside of you.

You are the strength. You are the power. You are the courage. You are the confidence. It can’t be found anywhere other than right inside of yourself.

The beauty and love you see in others is also right inside of yourself. The kindness that you give to others is who you are.

Take a look in the mirror. That man/woman right in front of you has all the answers, all the power, all the love, all the strength. It exists nowhere else but right inside of you. The magic pill is you!

Jeffrey Lawyer


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