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I sent this to my coach this morning. It was a realization I had about myself. Perhaps you will see this message, if you are reading it, is for you as well.

Hi Doug - The negative beliefs test got me focused on money. In the past, I have had issues with my beliefs around money. When doing this process, I came up with one that really stuck out. It was, What I truly want is financial freedom. (The need to feel free and know that money is always there.) When I asked why do I believe I can’t? The answer was I am not good enough and I am not worthy of it. Two limiting beliefs that are still there to some degree, but have improved significantly.  When asking the questions about the belief, the interesting thing was when asking Would I come to the same conclusion about some other person in a similar situation, the answer was absolutely not. In fact, I would be helping them to see why that isn’t true. Then I realized, my coaching of others is really my coaching of myself. They are just a mirror to some extent of myself. I will treat myself as the client moving forward by assuring myself, none of this BS, the belief systems, are true. It was a big distinction and made me realize that life around us is happening for nobody other than ourselves. The coaching clients are there for me to learn about myself. I am talking to myself. Thank you for being a gift to me.

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Jul 10

Sometime what we see in someone else, is just a reflection of what is in us. We have to make sure, we are getting the same advise that we are giving, to someone else. We have to encourage ourself too.



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