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Our thinking is the root cause of our feelings, including confidence. Here is a three step process,

I want to tell you about a tool you can use and then a story and when it is understood, will give you a resource in your arsenal, to feel better within 15 minutes maximum.

This tool will allow you to quickly change how you are feeling, if perhaps you are feeling, worried, doubtful, fearful, anxiety or depressed. Putting this tool into place, you will quickly drop those negative feelings and get an entirely new perspective

This tool will also allow you to quickly get better results. For example, let’s say you are a salesperson and your results are lacking or non-existent. You are making calls and making presentations with no results.

Or, let’s say you are in relationship after relationship and can’t find the right person. Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool you could use, to shift your results?

Or maybe you are constantly lacking money in your life. You try all kinds of methods to make money, but nothing works.

Here is my promise to you. If you read this blog over and over and over again. Most importantly, if you APPLY it by DOING IT over and over again, you will have a method that will bring you more freedom, peace, happiness and joy to your life.

If that doesn’t sound good, no worries, stop reading and move on to something else.

So, let me tell you a little story. There was a boy and this boy felt anxious very often. When he went to school he felt worried. When he went to try new things, he was worried. When he tried to sleep at his friends house he worried.

His life was filled with worry, fear, doubt, anxiety and he didn’t know how he could ever get himself to feel better.

He developed a fear of throwing up that was so bad, he couldn’t even listen to others say the word. In fact, they tip toed around him never saying that word out of fear that they may trigger him into feeling anxious.

The boy had a process he followed to feel fearful and anxious. He didn’t know it at the time, but learned it over the years.

Here is what that process looked like.

He started out looking at his RESULTS. He would wake up starting the day looking at all the things that went wrong yesterday, he was looking at yesterday’s results. For example, when he tried to sleep at his friends house, he had to be picked up in the middle of the night as he was fearful to not be around his parents.

So he looked at his RESULTS, not sleeping over at his friends, and his THOUGHT PROCESS BEGAN next. He would say things like, see, there is something wrong with me. All my friends can sleep out, but I can’t. That would lead to another negative thought, I am not good enough and people won’t like me, something is wrong with me.

Guess what happened next, he FELT ANXIOUS, he felt worried and fearful that he would always be this way.

Finally, his result was, every day he felt FEARFUL!

This boy would use the following process to feel fearful. First, he started off with focusing on his RESULTS, (not sleeping at his friends). Second, he then began to THINK about his RESULTS. (something is wrong with me). Third, he would either procrastinate or not do much to avoid putting himself in any situation that may bring on more anxiety. Fourth, this led to his RESULTS, being in the same cycle of anxiety he was in the day before.

So, he focused on RESULTS, then THOUGHTS began, then his FEELINGS of anxiety continued and any ACTION he took was thwarted by the previous steps. This lead to him focusing on his RESULTS again the next day. Which caused anxiety. It was a self fulfilling cycle that continued day in and day out.

Then a very magical thing happened to this boy. He was given a tool that changed his entire life. He was just IGNORANT to the tool. Nobody every explained a tool like this existed and that he could use it to no longer feel these terrible feelings.

It was so simple yet without knowing the tool existed, he couldn’t make any changes. However, his destiny completely changed by this one tool, THE TFAR METHOD.

You see the little boy had beed following a method unknowingly. His method was focusing on RESULTS, then THOUGHTS began, which led to NEGATIVE FEELINGS, which led to NEGATIVE ACTIONS and it continued on and on like this.

Someone explained something very simple which magically began to have this boy feel peaceful, happy and free.

This person told the boy the process he was following daily which weren’t working: Results, Thoughts, Feelings and Actions.

He then said, now I want you to change this one thing. Instead of starting with your RESULTS, which is backward thinking, I want you to start the process off with your THOUGHTS.

So, now it will no longer be, Results, Thoughts, Feelings and Actions. INSTEAD, it will be Thoughts, Feelings, Actions and Results.

The little boy was confused. So the man stayed with him and walked him through the new process.

He said to the boy, “yesterday, when you woke up, the very first thing you did was focus on your RESULT, which was not sleeping over your friends house. That didn’t work well, because you immediately started thinking negative thoughts. If you keep doing that, you will keep getting the same feelings of anxiety.”

So, he said to the little boy, “instead of focusing on the results first, what positive THOUGHTS could you have had to start the day instead of yesterday’s result of not sleeping over your friends house?”

The boy said, “I could THINK, today is a brand new day, and I am going to have a great day.”

The man said, “if you started off your day thinking thoughts like that, how would you feel?”

The boy said, “if I kept THINKING like that, I would FEEL really good.”

The man said, “why?”

The boy replied, “because if I THINK like that it would be hard to FEEL bad.”

The man said, “if you THINK, today is a brand new day, and that makes you FEEL really good, what type of actions do you think you would take?”

The boy said, “If I was THINKING good THOUGHTS, and FEELING really good, my actions would be great!”

The man said to the boy, “what was the only thing you changed here?”

The boy said, “Instead of focusing on RESULTS, I just started the process with having positive THOUGHTS of what I DID WANT and seeing things from a positive perspective. Just doing that changed everything.”

The boy understood that his new process would be THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, ACTIONS which lead to amazing results.

This my friends is the TFAR method. This is the method that changed my life as I was that boy. I had been riddled with fear and anxiety for the longest time and this minor tweak to my process, made lasting positive change to my results and life.

This process has changed and worked for client after client after client. If you learn it, understand it, and APPLY IT (do it) it works.

So, if you are struggling with negative thinking, negative feelings and negative actions, along with negative results in any area of your life, in addition to reading this over and over again, my suggestion is watch my free training which walks you step by step through the TFAR METHOD.

You can access the free training here:

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