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Can helping someone else boost our own confidence?

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

My father is in his 80’s now and has taken on a project which is making a difference for others.

It might sound a bit corny to some, but it keeps his mind sharp and focused. He began building lego set’s about 6 months ago.

His intention was to make something unique for all of his family members as a gift sake, sort of a legacy he can leave behind.

He finds different unique traits or likes the individual family member has or comes up with an idea which he believes is a reflection of that person.

Recently he gave me my gift. What was it? It was a typewriter, made with legos, with a typed message in it for me.

The message read:

Dear Mike,

When I first saw you shortly after you were born, I marveled at your physical beauty and perfection.

Now I look at you and marvel at your spiritual beauty and perfection.

I built this for you so that I could type this letter and express my love for you as the man you have become.

You are a blessing in. my life.

Love, Pop.

Here are some pictures of the lego set and note:

The typewriter made from Legos.

I remember years ago, I had just gone through a divorce and wasn’t feeling so great about myself. My confidence was completely shot.

My son and I decided we were going to make a bunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, buy bottles of water, and go into Philadelphia.

Our goal was to find human being that didn’t have homes, currently living on the street, and help give them a meal and drink.

We wanted to speak to them, help make them feel human and just make a difference in their day. We did exactly that and a funny thing happened.

While we set out to help make a difference in their day, we actually made a huge difference in our own day. We helped bring many smiles to amazing peoples faces that day and truly made a difference in our own day.

I got home that day and felt absolutely incredible. I felt on top of the world.


I started to think about it, I took the focus off of me and put it on someone else. It helped me feel more confident, stronger and more vibrant. I felt great, all by taking the focus off of me and by helping someone else.

Could it be that easy? Isn’t that the exact same thing my father did above? He put his focus on someone else, making a difference in their life and feels amazing every time he does it.

So here is my question for you. If you are feeling down, if your self esteem is low, if your confidence is shot, who could you go out and help? What can you do for someone else?

Perhaps volunteering at the local children’s hospital or finding a friend or family member who has been feeling down and write them a simple note.

It doesn’t matter what we do, it is just a matter of focusing our energy on helping someone else.

So, if you want some additional confidence in your life, perhaps it’s time to look for opportunities to touch others lives.

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