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One of my great friends sent me this picture of his car and my gratitude shot through the roof. In a

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

I send the following text message to my great friend Howard the other day. It says, “all good there?”

The response that came back sent shockwaves through my body. He sent me the picture of his car above. That is his newer Tesla which you can barely make out as it was hit by a box truck.

The box truck went through a stop sign and hit the car, totaling it. I looked at the windshield and saw a piece of the truck lodged in the passenger side of the windshield.

As a bit of history, in the last few years, I have lost three very close friends. One was lost to suicide, another to cancer and the last to ALS, a truly awful disease.

These weren’t acquaintances, these were friends I have known for 30 and 40 years, one for 47 years.

When I saw that picture it immediately brought up the feelings of getting the news about each of my great friends. I couldn’t even imagine getting news that my college roommate was killed in a car accident.

I am so thankful that was not the case here. We went back and forth, talking and I told him how thankful I was that he was still alive. Other, than a broken rib and some bruises, he walked away.

If his kids or wife was in the passenger seat, which again, thankfully nobody was, they would have been killed.

Toward the end of our conversation I told him something that I may do for myself as well. He is one of my clients and understood it immediately.

I told him to go out and get a picture frame that says gratitude on it, and frame that picture.

I told him to look at that picture everyday as a reset any time he is feeling down, lacking confidence, feeling sad or worried. That will act as an immediate reset and take the focus moving to gratitude for being alive.

That picture to me represents so much appreciation to a higher source for protecting him and keeping him here with us. That picture for me is an immediate source of gratitude. An Immediate sense of thankfulness for the simple things in life.

In my office I have these pictures on my wall. A majority of my business is spent on zoom calls with clients. I see this in my background for all the hours of my day.

My gratitude wall, reminding me that I already have so much in my life to be thankful for!

I will be adding that picture to my wall. I will look at it often and be so thankful for my friendship and an incredible human being.

So why do I write this and what do I hope you gain as a reader of this blog? I would love for you to create a picture or a wall of gratitude. It is so easy for us to get caught up in the day to day life events and forget all that we already have.

This wall or set of pictures will be placed somewhere you see it many, many times throughout the day. Each time you see it, pause for a moment and give thanks for all that you already have.

Before I start my meetings with clients. I stand up and look at that grouping of pictures on my wall. My three amazing friends that have left this world are all on the wall and I remember how lucky I was to have all of them in my life as well as remember how grateful I am to all my other friends as well.

Just like that text I got the other day, which could have been a very different text had that truck been a few inches over, life could have looked very different.

I am so grateful that he is ok. I am so grateful for all that I have in my life. I am so grateful for all of you that are reading this.

The next time your confidence is lacking in any situation, just take a moment to create a wall of gratitude for yourself and put life into perspective quickly.

I am so grateful for you Howard. I am so grateful to have you in my life. I am so grateful you walked away and I get the amazing opportunity to continue to have you in my life.

Love you brother!

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