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When I got divorced and had to leave the house, my son, then found out I was laid off, my confidence

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

I remember speaking to my brother Jay about stress. He reminded me of the three biggest stressors in life.

  1. Getting divorced

  2. Moving

  3. Losing your job

He then pointed out to me that I just had all three happen at the same exact time.

I was getting a divorce, had to move out of the house away from my son for the first time in his life and then at work, found out myself and a number of others were laid off.

At the time, I kept asking why is this happening to me. I couldn’t understand how all three of the biggest stressors could all hit me at once.

Interestingly enough, I had been going to that job for the last 11 years. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the job, but it wasn’t what I felt like I was meant to do.

However, I was so comfortable in the job, not sure I ever would have left if I wasn’t laid off.

I did this a lot with many things in my life like that. I got comfortable, but at the same time knew in my gut and heart it felt I was meant to be doing something different.

So there I am, at work, I walk back toward my office and see the HR manager, a friend of mine, and my boss sitting in a conference room. They motioned for me to come in.

Now I had been a manager for 11 years and seen many people get laid off. I knew exactly what was happening at that moment.

I walked into the conference room, sat down, and the same thing I had heard the HR manager deliver to other ex-employees was being delivered to me.

I asked, him if he could stop and I could just speak with him for a moment alone.

My boss left the conference room and I looked at my friend, in obvious pain, having to deliver this news to me. I told him, John, this is actually the perfect news for me.

I told him I love him and appreciate him. I mentioned that this needed to happen and for years I wanted to leave.

We get these intuitive impulses. These gut feelings. We know exactly what we SHOULD DO, yet we don’t do it.

We get a number of them and in my experience if we ignore them, at some point they are forced on us by a much higher power.

So I head home feeling a huge sense of relief, like a large weight was taken off my back.

I felt free. Crazy, I was laid off, yet felt better than I had in a while.

So now I was heading back home, knowing my relationship is coming to an end and now my job as well, yet somehow, I was feeling relieved.

I thought, why didn’t I just do this sooner?

I was afraid. I let fear get the best of me.

So this scary thing now occurred in my life and I was feeling better than I had in a long time.

The lesson I learned through all of this was, we have all the answers deep inside, our intuition tells us.

We feel and know from a deep place what we really want to do in our life, yet fear can hold us back from acting on our own intuition.

Looking back at my life, every time I listened to my intuition and acted on it, I was always led down the perfect path. Yet my fear of listening sometimes held me back many years from getting what ultimately was in my best interest.

The secret, listen to my intuition and then act on it. Trust the process. Trust the guidance.

So here I am years later and some incredible things occurred. I am now in my own business, doing what I had dreamed of doing, loving what I do and am way happier.

I met an incredible woman and we have so much in common and so many of the same likes. My son and I have an incredible relationship and everything worked out.

Did I ever think this would happen? Well, my gut knew the answer many years prior, but my fear held me back.

So, I am hoping you learn an important lesson from me. While I didn’t listen and act, I am suggesting to you, listen to your gut, your intuition and act on it.

The universe, God, a higher power, whatever you want to call it, whispers to you often. It’s a feeling you get, a knowing from within.

If you don’t pay attention, the calling will get louder. Eventually if you don’t listen, your hand will be forced.

I only wish, I would have listened earlier. I could have been doing what I love sooner. I could have been happier sooner. I thought I knew better. I thought figuring it out on my own and thinking it through on my own would be better.

I am so grateful to be in tune now with my intuition now. I pay attention to it daily and many times it guides me on the next step in business, life, decisions, and relationships.

We have a gift inside of us. It is right inside. That gift will bring us an unbelievable amount of happiness, confidence, love, laughter and joy. We just have to pay attention and take action on it.

Ask yourself this question, has there ever been a time in your life when you listened to your gut, intuition and it was wrong?

I have asked this question to clients hundreds of times and still to this day, not one person has said it ever led them down the wrong path.

Use the gift now, take the path it tells you, and watch magic occur in your life. Practice listening and most importantly acting on it. Watch your life change for the better. A much higher source will be guiding you.


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